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Field Assistant Ryan Klausch
Field Assistant Peter Riddle
Nathan Byer (current UW PhD student)
Nathan's arm (fox snake for scale)
Field Assistant Sarah Tomke
Scary sky
Eastern hognose snake
Chicken of the woods
Fox snake hides hole
Northern five-lined skink
(Brown) smooth green snake!
Karner Blue


Bioblitz at Lux Arbor
In the marsh with Madison + Fitz
Common musk turte
Juvie snapper
Big momma
Northern map turtle
Blanding's turtles
Field transportation, with stowaway
Blanding's turtle

New York

Happy campers
Timber rattlesnake
Baby snapper
Blue-spotted salamander and newt
Northern red salamander
Not very cooperative water snake
Spotted turtle
Wood turtle
Campers in the mist
Badass moth


Body-bridging gopher snake
Horned lizard
Mojave rattlesnake
Gila monster
Colorado River Toad (did not lick!)
Western diamondback rattlesnake
Desert spiny lizard
Glossy snake
Banded gecko
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